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I came across Ming Lok by chance amid of a self-claimed “quarter-life crisis”. I was unfamiliar with the concept of life coaching prior to this and am very pleased that the decision to give it a go was one that pushed me to re-position where I am at, and to appreciate myself a bit more.

My journey consisted of 10 thought-provoking sessions. I was at liberty to pick the events or themes that needed attention, and the rest of the session would flow naturally, usually ending with an assignment to be completed before returning.

I find Ming Lok a patient and attentive listener. She finds connections between my scattered thoughts, and suggests feasible solutions out of my outbursts of tangled emotions. Her approach made me feel ‘safe’ opening up on many of my deepest and most personal thoughts and feelings, some that had been trapped and perhaps unnoticed of for years.

Even though it’s impossible to tell what the next crisis will be about, and when it will come, my coaching journey has definitely helped me understand better my limits and boundaries, and how I can overcome the difficulties ahead with them in mind.

Thank you, Ming Lok, for your help and guidance.

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