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Fanny Lee Charity Marketing Professional

I have been stuck with what I am going to do with my life and my career for a while. The feeling grew stronger when I approach 40. I often think that time is running out for me. Also after having children, I am sometimes torn between spending time with them or be more proactive with my career. I prioritize my kids but somehow felt lost in not being more aggressive with my job. Sometimes I doubt it’s part of my personality.

Then I met with Ming Lok for 4 coaching sessions. She has been very patient and attentive to details. She would come back and guide me through different available options and made me re-think of other opportunities.

I believe her personal attributes are important to me because I always find myself wandering around the same route and way-of-thinking again and again. I found myself repeating the same thing again and again and it was helpful that Ming Lok pointed these out in a very skillful way. She often posed straight-away questions but not giving answers which “pushed” me to find the way out myself.

There will still be some time for me to figure out what exactly I would like to do or opt for in my life, and this has been a good experience which does not stop here. The questions and guidance by Ming Lok will go beyond these sessions and be with me for a while.

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