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Ms WONG Ming-Lok

作家 | Life Coach | 顧問







Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Member of International Coaching Federation










Message from Ming-Lok

I help people navigate their midlife transition to breakthrough bottlenecks in career and personal development, relationship and family, health and well-being, financial and retirement planning, life meaning and life purpose etc.

I believe that a coach is like a “thinking-partner” in your life, helping you to think through issues and get clarity in the path ahead. Coaching is like upgrading your computer. It is a process to upgrade yourself to an “advanced version” with better thoughts, more motivation, different perspectives of
life and higher competence to deliver and achieve what you want. 

I work particularly well with “first-timers to coaching”. I am non-judgemental, caring and supportive. I journey with clients to remove self-limiting beliefs to achieve personal growth. My clients always settle in a transformed perspective of life and feel happier by the end of the coaching journey.

I used to work in the civil service of the HKSAR government as an Administrative Officer (AO), but I quit this promising and much sought-after career in order to pursue my passion in writing. I therefore aspire to help others to discover their own passion and be brave to chase their dream.


I believe that everyone only live once and should live it to its fullest.  As a “slasher”, I have an all-rounded exposure to many industries. Over the last decade, I have collaborated with more than 100 organizations including but not limited to the education sector, civil service, NGOs, medical sector, media, PR and consultancies, political parties and even performance groups. I have also hosted the RTHK2 phone-in programme【 sik 】【 si 】【 fung】for 8 years, prolifically written columns in newspapers including Mingpao, am730, iMoney etc.and published books including the best-seller 《港孩》and latest title 《佛系廢青都有火》。I am sure you will find me “relatable” one way or the other.


Coaching is not the privilege for CEOs. My dream is to make coaching accessible and affordable to every you, me, him and her. I do face-to-face or online coaching with clients in Hong Kong and all over the world. Bug me whenever and whereever you need a listening ear, a caring heart and a thinking partner at your life crossroads!

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